Weight Management & Targeted Nutrition Products
     We have the absolute best products to help you lose weight or accomplish any health goals you have. With delicious shakes and snacks, our weight management products can help you lose those unwanted pounds. 

Targeted Nutrition products specialized for Men, Women, and Children give you the right balance of essential nutrients to help you enjoy a lifetime of good health.


Body Essentials & Aloe Bath & Body Care
 have all natural products to help keep your skin and hair healthy. Our outer nutrition products keep you looking your best and maintain a healthy, appearance.

Energy & Fitness

     ​As you exercise your body needs more nutrition. Our performance nutrition line helps deliver key nutrients for athletes for faster recovery and optimal athletic performance. 


Weight Loss Challenges

     Call TODAY and sign up for our Weight loss competition and nutrition classes! 
We are losing weight like crazy! In just a few weeks you will learn how to eat better, we will learn how to have Holiday parties with Pie/Snacks/Drinks, and still maintain or lose weight. We are doing it as a group which makes it much more fun and adds competition and fun to the pressure of losing weight! You can't beat that losing weight while learning how to change your life and being in the company of great friends! Join us today!!

The Shake Shop has been in business for over 8 years and offers a broad assortment of the best products to help you lose weight and be healthy. Melinda has been taking the product for 16 years and has gone through extensive training on the products she can answer any questions you might have. Whether you want to lose weight, have a health concern, or just want to live a healthy lifestyle The Shake Shop has exactly what you need!

About The Shake Shop

What We Offer

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All the Shakes are a Healthy Meal.
These are fast food for healthy people. 
They all have about 200 calories 
and have about 30 grams of protein.

Health, Nutrition, and Wealth

Look at some of the flavors you can make with our shakes. 

I make some of them at the shop don't have as many flavors as I had before but tell me what flavor you want and we can do it...

Butter Pecan  
Cookies & Creme    
Orange Julius    
Pumpkin Pie
Cinnamon Roll
Wild Berry Orange Surprise    
Strawberry Delight
Black Forrest Cherry
Oatmeal Cookie
White Chocolate Reeces
Rice Krispy Treat 
Rocky Road