Success Stories

Health, Nutrition, and Wealth


My name is Melinda Smiley Holcombe.  I worked at a theme park for years working early morning hours.  I was looking for something that I could Work from Home when I saw an ad in the Newspaper. The company I found was HERBALIFE. This wonderful company helped not only give me the financial freedom that I was looking for to quit my JOB but also gave me GREAT health results that I wasn’t even expecting!

Before Herbalife, I had allergies I’m allergic to every thing out doors and had to carry a tissue in my hand all the time. I did not go outside, and I couldn’t stand dust. I also got arthritis in my neck and was in constant pain.  I got to where I could not move my head with out moving my body.  And I had some weight I could not get off and keep off.

I got on the products and after 3 days I realized was no longer carrying a tissue at all times, my allergies didn’t bother me, even when I was outside!  My constant pain was gone; I can now move my head with out moving my body.  What is even more exciting, I lost 26 pounds 16 ½ inches in 18 weeks and I have kept it off for 16 years.


The beautiful baby in the picture belongs to Quentilla. Quentilla was using the Herbalife products during her entire pregnancy and had been also using them prior to becoming pregnant. Having unbelievable results herself she knew the products were going to be wonderful for her baby to help her start life healthy. 
When Layla was born she was having trouble with the formula that she was on. Layla became constipated, and her hunger wasn't being satisfied. No matter what they tried her health didn't get better. Quentilla and her husband, being Herbalife believers, decided since Quentilla had taken Herbalife the whole 9 months she was pregnant, maybe Layla just missed the good nutrition. They started giving Layla the Herbalife shake and with in a couple of days her constipation was gone and she started feeling better, being happy, active, and satisfied. 
Layla is still drinking Herbalife kids shakes today!!.